Arts writer Victoria Hynes

Victoria Hynes is a Sydney based arts writer and editor.

For two decades Victoria has written for prominent Australian and international art magazines, which include: ‘Art & Australia’, ‘Australian Art Collector’, ‘Australian Art Review’, ‘Artist Profile’, ‘Artlink’, ‘Art Asia Pacific’, ‘Asian Art News’ and ‘World Sculpture News’.

From 2000-2007, she worked as a columnist for the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ newspaper – for their ‘Metro’ section, mainstream arts pages and monthly publication the ‘Sydney Magazine’.

Since then Victoria has held the position of Deputy Editor for ‘Australian Art Review’ magazine, as well as a Contributing Editor for the Hong Kong based ‘Asian Art News’ magazine.

As well as writing feature articles on art, design, fashion, architecture and travel, she also has experience in promotional writing which includes: media releases for exhibitions, catalogue essays, artist statements, newsletter copy, website copy and grant applications.





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